Mediumship Testimonials

 "I would describe this reading as monumental to my healing process. I felt enveloped in love and assured of the presence of my loved ones that always surrounds me. It felt grounding and Ash was quite literally beaming with love in spirit. Some of what my grandmother said surprised me but it made sense that her spirit has expanded and opened up to different ways here. My grandmothers knowledge of what I have suffered in losing her and my grandmothers desire to relieve me of guilt has already helped me feel lighter and accepting of her death. I am comforted by knowing she is at peace with everything. Its hard to name 'most impactful aspects' because the whole reading was so impactful for me.

I am taking away from this reading my ancestors love and support through everything I do. I feel so much lighter. I feel stronger in my knowing. I love that my grandmother said she knows that I feel her. And that she feels gratitude for the small ways of honoring her. I am taking away from this.... zero doubt. I do not doubt her or my other ancestors that surround me."

~CN From Michigan

"My reading with Ash was very soothing. It gave me peace of mind and felt healing. 
My loved one's personality came through; the way that Ash spoke was the way she spoke and it made me smile (and get a little teary.. in a good way!) 
I feel at rest with the fact that my loved one is surrounded by love and secure in the knowledge that she is okay. "

~KE, From Canada

“Ash Canty is one of the most skilled mediums I have worked with. Ash brought through
my dear father with not just love and healing but with a joyous, real, humane connection. It was as though 
Ash held both my father and my hand as they connected us. Ash is a powerful force of love. Yes, their details and
evidence were spot on, but Ash Canty goes way beyond, bringing through the life-force of those in spirit. 
With exquisite details, personality and message, the essence of my 
father was brought to life. Mediumship is a sacred, hallowed endeavor and Ash embodies the best of it. 
I will forever be grateful to them."

~LMC from Chicago