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Private Readings

I come from a lineage of healers and have the sacred gift of mediumship that enables me to able to be a channel for those that have died and communicate healing and uniquely validating and specific messages back with their loved ones after their death. It brings me great honor to offer this healing work to you and to show that their is existence of our spirit consciousness after physical death. 

How My Gifts Work:

I am clairvoyant which means I see images impressed upon my mind from spirit.

I am Claircognizant which means I have a deep knowing about something without needing to know why. 

 I am Clairaudient which means I hear things in my mind from spirit.

I am Clairsentient which means I feel strongly the emotional and physical bonds you shared with your loved ones.

These all support in interpreting what your loved ones are wanting me to say to you in a language that you would understand it. It's a bit like complex charades! 

What To Know Before Booking:

I cannot control who may come through during a reading. It is always what we need and not what we want. So, I always say come open to the experience and ready to receive powerful messages from your loved ones. I do not offer ancestral readings or connection with spirits who you were not connected with in the physical world.

Price: $75.00 for a 50 min reading


“Ash Canty is one of the most skilled mediums I have worked with. Ash brought through my dear father with not just love and healing but with a joyous, real, humane connection. It was as though Ash held both my father and my hand as they connected us. Ash is a powerful force of love. Yes, their details and evidence were spot on, but Ash Canty goes way beyond, bringing through the life-force of those in spirit. 

With exquisite details, personality and message, the essence of my father was brought to life. Mediumship is a sacred, hallowed endeavor and Ash embodies the best of it. I will forever be grateful to them."

-LMC from Chicago

"My reading with Ash was very soothing. It gave me peace of mind and felt healing.

My loved one's personality came through; the way that Ash spoke was the way she spoke and it made me smile (and get a little teary.. in a good way!) I feel at rest with the fact that my loved one is surrounded by love and secure in the knowledge that she is okay. "

- KE from Canada