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Private Readings

I come from a lineage of healers and wtih the sacred gift of mediumship that enables me to able to be a channel for spirits on what I all the other side to  communicate healing and validating messages back to their loved ones here in this physical world. It brings me great honor to offer this healing non-binary offering and show that their is existence of our spirit even after death. 

What To Know Before Booking:

I cannot control who may come through during a reading. It is always what we need and not what we may want. So, I always say come open to the experience and ready to receive powerful messages from your loved ones. I do not offer ancestral readings or connection with spirits who you were not connected with in the physical world.

Traditional 50min Mediumship Reading:

Communication with a loved one (s) who you knew in this physical realm who on the other side.

Price: $120 for a 50 min reading

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Psychic Guidance Session

This would be connecting with your guides & your higher self to be able to offer what I see and offer support from your spirit team as well as answer any questions you may have around a specific aspect in your life.  

Price: $115 for a 45 min reading 

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“Ash Canty is one of the most skilled mediums I have worked with. Ash brought through my dear father with not just love and healing but with a joyous, real, humane connection. It was as though Ash held both my father and my hand as they connected us. Ash is a powerful force of love. Yes, their details and evidence were spot on, but Ash Canty goes way beyond, bringing through the life-force of those in spirit. 

With exquisite details, personality and message, the essence of my father was brought to life. Mediumship is a sacred, hallowed endeavor and Ash embodies the best of it. I will forever be grateful to them."

-LMC from Chicago

"My reading with Ash was very soothing. It gave me peace of mind and felt healing.

My loved one's personality came through; the way that Ash spoke was the way she spoke and it made me smile (and get a little teary.. in a good way!) I feel at rest with the fact that my loved one is surrounded by love and secure in the knowledge that she is okay. "

- KE from Canada