Image by Sergey Pesterev

Spirit Usher Psychic Medium

A huge part in me showing up for you and this work is that I use my gifts as a spirit medium to work alongside spirit guides and your spirit for guidance around helping usher in spirits to the otherside. Spirit shares messages and images that I receive and may come up in a session while we enter into sacred time together. I feel that anytime I am supporting you in your death and dying process is scared time and it will be honored as so. I have had this intuitive gift since I was a child and am constantly learning from it. Spirit has a way of making their presence known pretty quickly if they wish to impart or share something with you that may come up in working with you. Sometimes they are guides, angels, elementals or even your own deceased loved ones wanting to relay loving messages to you as you make the journey to the other side and experience the death of your physical body. I support all religions and rituals that you also may want bring or incorporate and believe it is all apart of source energy. I channel only for the highest good of all and only ask for messages that are helpful, healing, hopeful and with humor even when they are hard. I am Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant which means I receive messages through images imprinted in my mind and I feel things in my body physically and hear things in my mind. I hope these abilities can serve you in ushering you into the process of your own dying. My prayer is that you feel the immense support, love and grace you have from spirit and your loved ones on the other side as you transition..