Virtual Private Readings

            Via Zoom

I come from a lineage of healers. I have the sacred gift of mediumship which enables me to be a channel for spirits, on what I all the other side, to  communicate healing and validating messages back to their loved ones here in this physical world. It is a great honor to offer this very non-binary and healing work, and to be able to show that there is indeed life after death, and truth in the continuation of our spirits' existence. 

What To Know Before Booking:

I cannot control who may come through during a reading. It is always what we need and may not be what we want. So, I always say, come open to the experience and ready to receive powerful messages from your loved ones. 

Virtual Spirit Reading:

Communication with loved one(s) who you knew in this physical realm, who are now on the other side with messages & validations of their existence. 

Price: $390 for a 60 min reading

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Life Guidance Reading:

This is a session where I channel the many different types of guides and beings that surround you & offer healing guidance and support in specfic areas of your life. 

Price: $390 for a 60 min reading 

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"My reading with Ash was incredibly powerful. I went in hoping to connect with my grandmother who had recently passed. I was initially greeted by grandfather who helped make space for grandma to come through. There were some VERY specific and validating details that Ash was able to identify. The reading was very moving and even more after the fact when I could go back and listen...

....A particular moment that incredibly impactful was toward  the end of the reading when a message came through for my mom. At that moment my mom came into the room and was able to receive the message herself. Everything Ash communicated from my grandma to my mom was incredibly spot on and meaningful for all of us. 

I think overall the most impactful part of the experience was the affirmation that my loved ones are standing right on the other side of the veil ready to be in communication with me. I am looking forward to being in deeper communications with her and others who have crossed over. I am taking away that I continue to be loved and supported by my ancestors. Ash is a gifted medium and I appreciate their work immensely. "~C.N.