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Spiritual Life Coaching


I offer free services for black, brown, indigenous, people of color & transgender folx who are specfically needing death care services and who are actively dying.


I am not a licensed therapist and not a mental health care provider. If you are in a crisis or in need of a therapist for psychological help, please contact: 

White Bird Clinic: 541-687-4000 


The National Suicide Prevention Line: 


If while working together you are in need of more extensive grief support than I can give, or in need of Bereavement services, I will be happy to refer you to resources or bereavement counselors in your area. 


 of these offerings are offered over Zoom and or phone.) 

Spiritual Life Coaching- I suppot clients in a spiritually based way, who are needing support around specific areas of death, grief, illness, empowerment and integration and more! 

My monthly life coaching packages gives each client one session a week and each package terminates at the end of the consecutive sessions. Each session is held on Zoom and is 60min. After a client has done at least on full subscription with me, I provide alternative offerings going forward like drop-in or bi-monthly sessions.

Spiritual Life Coaching 

-60min consecutive sessions 

- Somatic grounding & Check Ins followed by 1-2 things you would like coaching on specific areas of your life: (chronic illness, death, confidence, empowerment, relationship, queerness, sexuality or an area you would like to work through) This container is not for working on spiritual gifts. Those that have already taken the Liberate Your Soul 3 month course have exclusive access to further their development and work 1:1 with me on the gifts they have uncovered in the program. 

Pricing Packages: 

-1 month package (4 sessions)$1,560

-2 months package(8 sessions) $2,072

-3months package(12 sessions) $3,110

Click here to set up a free 30 min consultation! 

 Liberate Your Soul~

Spiritual  Foundations Course 

This 3 Month Virtual 

Spiritual foundation Coaching 

program is for folks who want to build connection with their own soul & their own spiritual gifts & then integrate it all into their own waking life & calling by way of the the body, the mind & the spirit, to live an empowered & spiritually filled life. 

  • These 12 sessions are for those who want to go beyond the experince of a reading, this is where I work with you in navigating your unique & beautiful spiritual gifts, how they work and the amazing things you can learn from your spirit guides in advancing your intuitive abilities!

  • Weekly live group coaching calls with an intimate community of like minded folks. 

  • I also share my own personal practices for connecting with spirit and create and environment of exploration &  play while while uncovering your own gifts and abilities through meditation, altered states, energy reading, somatic integration and ritual.

  • Sacred Ritual Gift box mailed to you to support you during your mentorship

  • 12-60 min sessions: $3,217+Bonus 4 week follow up session. Limited to 7 spaces.

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