Death Valley

Deathcare Services

My hope is we can help usher each other when it is our time to go back into the earth like so many of our ancestors have done for centuries. I hope to be a space holder and support you in the process that you envision and would like to have before, during and after your death.


I offer a sliding scale/free services for black,brown,indigenous, people of color & transgender folx's based on what you need and what supports you want around you.​White folks who are seeking death care services I ask that you consider paying full price and pay it forward for black, brown, indigenous, people of color & transgender folx's to receive these services at free/reduced fee. ​Thank you for honoring this with your integrity & heart. ​I also really encourage the chosen family to be active in your death/dying process and envisioning what roles you may want them take to best support your wishes. 


Also, these services are offered to those who in the active stages of dying as well as though who are not.  Please reach out to me for further details. I am here to walk alongside you through it all at whatever juncture you may be at. ​

Please email me below

for any questions and to book offerings. 


I am not  licensed therapist and not a mental health care provider. If you are in a crisis or in need of a therapist for psychological help please contact: 

White Bird Clinic: 541-687-4000 


The National Suicide Prevention Line: 


If while working together you are in need of more extensive grief support than I can give and need of Bereavement services I will be happy to refer you to resources or beareavement counselors in your area. 


Death Walker Services & Spirit Usher Psychic Medium Prices: 

( Due to the pandemic all these offerings are offered over Zoom and phone ) 


-Free 40 min Death Care Phone Consultation 

(This is the first step to seeing if this a good fit for you)



-Spirit Ushering 

(For those that are actively dying only)

-Ushering and preparing the dying person's spirit in crossing over to the other side and guiding the family in how to hold ritual & ceremony with their loved ones in this process. 


Ranges from 5-7 sessions to complete and that is based on your own process and pace.

-Intentional Will & Advance Directive Planning

(For those that are actively dying and for those who are not actively dying)

-Creating your will with intention, slowness, ritual and somatic integration within the process.



-Death Bundle & Virtual Ceremony

(For those who are actively dying and those who are not actively dying)

-A held death ceremony & creating a shrouded personal death bundle. This can be extremely healing for those who have lost someone to covid19 and or did not get to be with the physical body of their deceased loved one and want to have a process. This also can be for anyone who cannot have a funeral because of covid19 and want to have one at home with friends and loved ones on Zoom.

$111-How to create a death bundle

$555-For bundle & ceremony & burial planning & facilitation of the event for you and your loved ones. 


-Sacred Death Sharing's

( For those that are actively dying and  for those that are not actively dying)

-A facilitated space I hold for you and your family/loved ones around death and dying so you can fully be in your own process with loved ones. All held in ritual & ceremony and led by spirit. To be able start having these important conversations around death and our desires/wishes for end of life. 


Living Death Day Celebration Planning 

(For those that area actively dying and those who are not actively dying)

-A facilitated & planned celebration I hold for you and your death while your still alive. Gathering all those who you want to share with you what they want to say and express to you as you are nearing your end of life through words, song, silence, poetry, laughter, tears and love.  This is a powerful experience for all who are involved. 

$444-including planing, facilitating and aftercare support. ​​

-Sitting Bedside

(For those that area actively dying)

(final months/days/hours) 

-Sitting by the person who is dying

-Offering poetry

-Holding space

-Deep listening 


-Healing touch 


-Life Review 

- Respite for caregivers

-Validating & unpacking bedside visions/visitations 




You and your family will have abundant access to me and my services electronically and by phone during the active stage of dying, daily virtual visits through death, and sitting bedside/holding vigil digitally while dying when the end of life is near. I will be in direct communication around my boundaries so I can care for myself so I may fully care for you. 

>>>>>​Package <<<<<<<


Death Care Package

(For those that area actively dying)



-Spiritual Support

-Emotional Support

-Death Ritual Planning

-Death Bundle 

-Virtual funeral & burial 

-Sitting Vigil

-Sacred death sharing for family's/loved ones 

-Spirit Ushering​