My Ancestral Roots

My ancestors are from indigenous tribes in Mexico, and also from the regions of Benin, Togo, and Mali, Africa. I have European colonizer ancestors in my blood as well, from Italy and France. I am a black, queer, gender non-conforming activist for black pleasure and liberation, rooted in allyship for and with the LGTBQIA+ and Transgender community. 

This work of walking with grief and death found me after being diagnosed and hospitalized with a chronic illness called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It was in my most challenging days and scariest moments where death was close---that I realized what it was I had to offer to this world. I knew that being with death had always been apart of my life, I just hadn't realized how much.  


It was when I began to face my own death from my long term chronic illness that I was initiated in the astral plane by my grandmother who was in spirit. She told me I would be supporting others in the physical world, lessening their fear of death and being a bridge of communication from the spirit realm to this physical realm. 

I am certified as a death care provider through Alua Arthur and her amazing program: Going With Grace. With my death care skills & my gift of mediumship, my hope and prayer is to bring about healing from the other side  and a profound peace around life after death.

In Awe & Wonder,