"...everything is a relationship, an ecology of multidimensional forms of being. Decay is the chorus of a thousand life forms, expressing themselves – the microbial dance of an infinitesimal commonwealth..."
~Bayo Akomolafe


My Ancestral Roots

My ancestors  are from the Nahua tribe of the Aztec empire & the Hopi tribe of Mexico. Because I have african ancestry as well I call myself African Native American. My ancestors are also from the regions of Benin,Togo and Mali of Africa and I have european colonizer ancestors in my blood as well from Italy and France. 

I am a black,queer, gender non-conforming activist for black pleasure and liberation and rooted in allyship for and with LGTBQIA+Transgender lives. 

This work of walking with grief and death found me after being diagnosed and hospitalized with a chronic illness called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It was in my most challenging days and scariest moments where death was close that I realized what I had to offer to this world. I knew that seeing death had always been apart of my life, I just hadn't realized it. It was at a death of a good friend of mines mother that I experienced what the process of death and dying could be like. I learned it could be full of grief, pain, pleasure, joy, mystery, soul searching, meaning, longing, creativity and slow quiet presence. It blew me away as I had never seen a death process held like this before. 


It was when I began to face my own death that I began to trust my intuitive gifts as a spirit medium and embrace the messages coming through from spirits and my loved ones on the other side. 

I decided to get certified as a death walker with Alua Arthur and her amazing program "Going With Grace". I led my first grief circle and also incorporated channeled messages from spirit while creating ritual around the death and grief many were experiencing.

I finally found how all the pieces fit!


So, here I am. listening, heart wide, arms open, strong back, ready to meet you & support you in your longing for the kind of death care that called you hear in the first place. 


In living prayer,