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Sovereign Spirit Death Care

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Welcome! My name is Ash (They/He) I am a Queer, Black, Non-binary Death Walker & Psychic Medium. I have the gift to be able to be a channel between spirits & their loved ones, on what I call the other side to deliver healing & profound messages from life beyond this physical realm. I also offer virtual death care services to those actively dying and those still actively living to lessen the fear around death & expand into the grief & praise of letting go of this physical realm for the next one.


“Our job is to sow grief into life, [...] Grief and the praise of life side by side, because our awareness of life’s gift is inevitably linked to our awareness of its limits. Our job is [to] die well and give our stories to the next generation, to tell the stories of our time so that we may learn from them, in the same way that the death of nature all around us feeds the earth and fuels the cycle of the next life."

-Stephen Jenkinson